Region II Officers and Volunteer Leadership

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  • Region II Vice President (RVP)
    Erin Dougherty, CSP, CIT, OHST
  • Area A Director/Deputy RVP
    Russell Duren, ASP
  • Area B Director
    Dave Holland, CHST
  • ARVP Finance
    Chris Brandon, MS, CSP, ARM
  • ARVP Secretary
    Kozett Bennett
  • ARVP Foundation and Student Affairs and Professional Development
    Nathan Spencer, CSP
  • ARVP Awards and Honors
    Dashelle Ricord, GSP
  • ARVP Communications
    Sarah Galvez, ASP, TRA
  • ARVP Professional Affairs
    Carly Baez, CHST, STSC, CSST
  • Nominations Committee Chair
    Russell Duren, ASP
  • ARVP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Jeremy Bethancourt, CHST