R2 Officers Virtual Yet Again for the ROC

Zoom-ing has become old hat for most in this crazy year of 2020.  There’s even talk of “Zoom fatigue” for all the hours we have spent trying to stay connected virtually.  However our Region 2 Officers Committee is made up of a special bunch of humans so when we need to get stuff done, it’s done with flair.

It takes creativity and a few costume changes to capture attention these days, old hat indeed.  Joel Nobels from the Southern Colorado chapter was our amigo on the beach for our 2020 Spring ROC keeping us all engaged and full of smiles.  Nate Spencer from the Utah chapter and our Area B Director extended the tradition this fall. (Not sure if there was a screen shot?)

Embrace a Human is our motto and theme for this upcoming year and that’s exactly what we did.  These ROC meetings are all about planning and sharing best practices to support and grow each chapter in our region, ASSP stuff.  However what really comes through is that it’s not really about the “ASSP stuff”, it’s really about being human and sharing a connection that we are all in this together and we truly care for each other.

The whole committee tends to get pretty fired up about bettering their chapters after these ROC meetings so keep your eyes peeled for new communications, new connections and maybe a new sombrero coming your way.

We are here for you…our human community…and we embrace every bit of crazy that we are.
Care to join us next spring?  Connect to our Region 2 Facebook Page and we will see how to get you involved.